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State-of-the-art Sheet Metal Fabrication
Our modern 100,000+ square-foot manufacturing facility includes the latest in CNC equipment and processes for every phase of production from concept to final delivery. Capabilities include volume manufacturing of virtually any sheet metal product for the technology industry. No job is too large or too small, including card-cage intensive chassis, enclosures of all kinds, cabinets, mounting rails, brackets, weldments, door/skins and more. All projects are tracked for production efficiency using an advanced Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) system.

Robotic Forming

Punch Laser

Equipment Categories:

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems and software
  • CNC shearing/notching, laser cutting and punching
  • Robotic and manual forming
  • Spot welding and standard welding
  • Deburring, graining, machining
  • Hardware installation and assembly
  • Painting (wet and powder), silk-screening
  • QA inspection systems and testing equipment
Fabrication Floor:
Type Model Number Qty
Amada Turret Punch Press: EMK361ONT CNC 1
358 King CNC 2
358 King II CNC 1
Vipros 357 N.C. 1
Mazak & Amada Laser: CO2 YB-L150B 7M6 2
Amada LC2415A2 1
Amada FO-3015 1
Apelio Punch/Laser Combo: AP3357V 1
Press Brake: RG-125 CNC 3
RG-100 CNC 2
FBD-1253NT CNC 1
Diacro 55-8 1
Diacro 14-72 1
RG-80 CNC 3
RG-35 S CNC 1
SPH - 30C CNC 1
RG-50 CNC 1
Amada Astro-100 Auto Robot: FB2-1253MH CNC 1
FCXB III -8025 CNC 1

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